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Advan Technologies Pte Ltd is a Singapore established business consultancy firm, comprising of consultants, information technology experts, project managers, corporate trainers, and research and information professionals. Our head office is located in Singapore. Our clients reflect our diversified and dynamic approach to offer business solutions. We serve a broad mix of private, public, and social clientele of varying sizes. Our firm is united and driven by a strong set of values, focused on creating value and impact for our clients. We adopt a consistent approach to developing our people, regardless of their area of expertise. Our structure ensures that we are able to deliver the right people, with the right expertise and experience, to our clients.

We strive to build a meaningful relationship of trust with every one of our clients. Long term growth and cooperation is what we look for, and aim to achieve. We put our clients’ interest before our own.



In the recent years, many grants and support schemes have been introduced by the government to assist new start ups as well as existing SME(s) and private corporate firms in their expansion plan.

During this phase, the number of IT Companies surged and with the help of providing grants assistance along with their services, most business owners find that they have been paying high prices for all kinds of technology, hardware and services.

Most business owners would later realize that they are unable to cope with the technologies they have purchased due to the lack of training/technical knowledge. Customer services from their service vendor providers may not turn out to be as good as promised.

They also realized that their aim to improve in their business process in areas such as efficiency or revenue is not achieved as they are unable to fully comprehend and strategize according to what they have on hand.

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